Viscus Car Engine Oil Syntho Ultra 0W30 SN/CI4 Plus Synthetic Formula (Petrol/Diesel) (5 L) Drain Interval 10000+ Kms

Price: ₹ 3,335.00 - ₹ 1,801.00
(as of Sep 23,2021 02:09:04 UTC – Details)

Syntho Ultra 0W30 SN/CI4 Plus is a versatile Genuine quality, high performance, multi-grade, Petrol/Diesel/CNG/LPG engine oil manufactured from high quality base oils and incorporates a sophisticated additive package, designed to meet the stringent requirements of all naturally aspirated and all four-stroke Car engines.
Syntho Ultra 0W30 Provides Fuel Economy, Extemded Engine Life, Smooth ride, High Pickup, Noise Control Characteristics, Oil drain interval Minimum 10000 Kms in ideal running Conditions.
API Service Categories SN/CI4 Plus, Excellent oxidation and thermal stability, High level engine cleanliness and wear protection, Excellent shear stability, corrosionprotection, Rust protection activity, Excellent flexibility, all weather performance, Excellent antifoaming characteristics
In a survey 90 percent of the Car owners agree that VISCUS Syntho Ultra 0W30 SN/CI4 Plus makes their Cars run smoother, Provides 33 percent cleaner pistons ensuring the piston rings move more freely and provides optimum Mileage In tough road trial of 10,000 KMs, pistons with VISCUS Syntho Ultra 0W30 emerged cleaner than other competitors.
Vehicle compatibility it is suitable for all Cars, Jeeps and SUVs where API SN/CI4 Plus service categories and SAE 0W30 viscosity grades are recommended. by the OEM for use in older engines, as well as in today’s most modern low emission designs.